Organization leaders leverage the power of both Tableau and Amazon Web Services to see their data cloud at incredible speed and see it visually in a way that makes it easy to understand, share and make decisions on.

By Lyndi Thompson Oct 15, 2014

We received an email from Louis Booth, a 16yr old, looking for advice on how to prepare for a career in data analysis and visualization. We gave him some advice and also sought yours. What should students do today to prepare for a great job in the future?

By Andy Cotgreave Oct 15, 2014

It’s been great to see Salesforce embrace the idea of analytics for any business user at Dreamforce 2014. That’s the very idea that the entire company of Tableau was built on and something most of us here feel very strongly about. And we are passionate advocates of the cloud, which is why we launched our cloud analytics product Tableau Online over a year ago, and why Tableau is a big customer of Salesforce and other hosted solutions. We both help customers use sales analytics, and use them extensively ourselves. Here’s a view of Tableau analytics embedded in a SalesforceOne using Salesforce Canvas.

By Ellie Fields Oct 14, 2014

Do you think big data doesn’t apply to marketing? Wrong: it does. The good news is that it's not too daunting.

By Jen Bachand Oct 14, 2014

Why do Tableau and Salesforce go so well together? Salesforce is a great system for managing sales, marketing and service. At Tableau, we’re big Salesforce users. And all that sales, marketing and service activity in Salesforce generates a lot of data. That’s where Tableau comes in. Tableau can connect directly to Salesforce data and update it automatically on a schedule. Tableau Desktop lets you create sophisticated, interactive analyses with drag-and-drop ease. And you can embed those dashboards right back in Salesforce, to get data to people where they are doing their work.

By Ellie Fields Oct 10, 2014

Are you obsessed with mapping? So is Tableau's Maps Service team. Our customers care about maps ... a lot. So when our Maps Service team shared with the rest of the dev team some insight into what's new in our most recent releases--and the team's philosophy about maps overall--we thought our customers would want to hear it, too. The following is pulled from a message written by our devs for our devs--an inside look at how Tableau thinks about maps.

By Sasha Pasulka Oct 10, 2014

Social media analysis is becoming more important as conversations continue to shift into the digital realm. Many organizations are struggling to combine elusive social data sources into one cohesive analysis, but social media does not need to be difficult to analyze.

By Ross Perez Oct 9, 2014

As the self-service analytics movement has grown, it has replaced the traditional “command-and-control” approach to analytics. At Tableau we’ve been been a proponent of empowering people through analytics via our products as well as our company mission, to help people see and understand data. We studied successful enterprise deployments of self-service analytics and discovered a number of best practices as well as a more agile approach. That's when we created the Drive methodology.

By Ellie Fields Oct 8, 2014

September was an amazing month for the Tableau blogosphere, we collected close to a hundred tips, walkthroughs, hacks, and #data14 Conference highlights. Our favorites are included in this months Best of the Tableau Web. Enjoy!

By Mike Klaczynski Oct 7, 2014

Missed #tc14? Wish you would've had time for more than one session in an hour? Don't worry, you can watch some of the most highly rated sessions at #tc14 right here.

By Ross Perez Oct 2, 2014

It’s time for the Viz Roundup! Every several months we look back on Viz of the Day and find visualizations that were especially meaningful, important or influential to share with you. This Roundup is particularly special because the majority of our featured vizzes have taken advantage of the new Story Points feature recently released in Tableau 8.2, which makes it easier to tell a narrative story with data. Take a look for yourself.

By Ross Perez Oct 1, 2014

Even the most seasoned Tableau expert will tell you--there's always more to learn. The product has a deep pocket of hidden gems and secrets that can help you find answers in unexpected places, and with far less time. Our two Rapid Fire Tips & Tricks panels at TC14 were designed to share some of those secrets, shortcuts, and even intricate hacks that almost seem like magic.

By Daniel Hom Sep 19, 2014

Some of the more interesting and practical sessions at TC14 were the Rapid Fire Tips and Tricks sessions led by Daniel Hom. Don't worry if you missed them: we're bringing two of the most interesting and useful tricks straight to you today.

By Ross Perez Sep 16, 2014

See how various army organizations are using Tableau to see the big picture and how their efforts are contributing to mission readiness.

By Diane Camber Sep 16, 2014