See how various army organizations are using Tableau to see the big picture and how their efforts are contributing to mission readiness.

By Diane Camber Sep 16, 2014

This past week we had a large team of bloggers, photographer, and social media folks working at the #data14 Social Command Center. Along with the content they were creating and covering, I was busy building dashboards to show what was happening on Twitter. You may have seen a couple being shared around the web using links, but today I'm putting them all together in one place.

By Mike Klaczynski Sep 14, 2014

“Instead of explaining what we do and what we think is important if you do data visualization, I’ll just present the world for you.” Dr. Hans Rosling informs the gathered crowd at the closing keynote of Tableau Conference 2014.

By Michael Brandt Sep 12, 2014

Yesterday was a great day for our Zen Masters. Check out what they got up to on Facebook.

By Andy Cotgreave Sep 12, 2014

Any concern John Medina’s keynote about business brains & sleep would draw yawns were put to rest. The University of Washington biologist’s presentation was split between two key points: The role of sleep on normal attention states and sleep’s relevance to the real world.

By Josh Lind Sep 11, 2014

Why is he attracted to stories, where data plays a central role? His answer caught many off guard.

By James Carroll Sep 11, 2014

Reports were one-dimensional and came out monthly. Things changed 3 years ago when the pediatric hospital adopted Tableau as a platform for data driven development.

By Diane Camber Sep 10, 2014

The expo hall has been a center for buzz, good discussion, and swag! Find just a few highlights within!

By James Carroll Sep 10, 2014
By Diane Camber Sep 10, 2014

Bob Middleton catches up with Dan Meier following his session at Tableau Confereonce on the use of data analytics in manufacturing.

By Bob Middleton Sep 10, 2014

In 2011, GM standardized on Tableau Server. With their enterprise deployment live across the globe, supporting multiple organizations within the company, a more robust governance system was required...

By James Carroll Sep 10, 2014

With 50 million subscribers, Netflix is a major player among media and broadband companies. “We provide streaming services so people can watch whatever they want whenever they want” said Blake Irvine, a manager in the Data Science & Engineering group at Netflix. “Tableau has become a go-to tool for data visualization and storytelling for Netflix”, said Irvine.

By Diane Camber Sep 10, 2014

EA's adoption of Tableau Server enterprise analytics paid off in better sales reporting, improved game site health monitoring, and a clearer understanding of beta games. “We wanted to build self-service rapid reporting analytics in an enterprise platform,” said Venkatesh Shivanna, Analytics Architect for EA. With more than 6,000 views per day, the Tableau Server eco-system was chosen for its ability to reliably keep up with the traffic from EA customers eager to get their game on.

By Diane Camber Sep 9, 2014

You saw VP of Mobile Dave Story show it off. You're so excited you want to head over to the Project Elastic site and sign up for more information. But, what is it?

By Daniel Hom Sep 10, 2014

“At Tableau, we believe that empowering people to unleash their creative genius is the most important goal which drives modern analytics strategy.” So says Tableau CEO Christian Chabot in his keynote to open the 2014 Tableau Conference to an audience of data analysts, engineers, investors and journalists.

By Vanya Tucherov Sep 9, 2014
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