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This year has seen an explosion of blogs about Tableau. It's hugely enjoyable to read your posts each month. Whether its beginner tips, jedi hacks or constructive commentary, we're always cheered by the time people spend sharing their ideas. Each month we curate the best content in our Best Of... series. I teamed up with Lari and Sophie from the Tableau Product Marketing team to look back at the year and choose a favourite from each post.

By Andy Cotgreave Dec 17, 2014

As Hadoop becomes more and more popular for helping organizations deal with big and unstructured data, the conversation around how to leverage SQL based tools and expertise with Hadoop for better analytical insights is becoming a hot topic. We at Tableau love being in the middle of these discussions since it lets us better understand how we can achieve our mission of helping people see and understand their data. For this reason we are excited to join the SQL-on-Hadoop live Twitter Q&A happening Wednesday, December 17th starting at 11:30am PST to discuss the open-source project Apache Drill.

By Dustin Smith Dec 12, 2014

TrustRadius, a group that provides analyst perspective and customer reviews on the business intelligence industry, recently published its first “Buyer's Guide to Business Intelligence Software.” Tableau was the top rated solution overall across all classes of BI tools. In addition for the Data Discovery and Visualization category, Tableau earned top honors and was the highest rated product.

By Ajay Chandramouly Dec 10, 2014

We’ve seen some people do some pretty creative things with Tableau Dashboards, but using a dashboard to broadcast our Tableau Conference content – why didn’t we think of that?

By Tracy Fitzgerald Dec 10, 2014

What are we grateful for this month? A bountiful harvest of incredible blog posts! It was a bumper crop of Tableau tips and hints for everyone from the beginner on up to Jedi-level. So go ahead—tuck into this delightful spread of Tableau tips, tutorials, and clever hacks!

By Kathleen Goepferd Dec 8, 2014

Tableau is proud to announce that the control procedures for our Tableau Online service have been verified in a SOC 2 Type I report. While Tableau Online has always held itself to extremely high standards, the successful completion of this third-party audit provides Tableau customers assurances that appropriate controls and practices are in place and demonstrates Tableau's ongoing commitment to providing customers a secure and reliable service.

By Elaine Chen Dec 8, 2014

The initial dispatch from our Maps Services team was a popular one, so we've asked the team to keep 'em coming as they march forward in their mission to "to provide ALL our customers with ALL the map options they need and desire." Fortunately, our Maps Service team has a gift for words that rivals their gift for map geekery. In this latest dispatch, they tell us about what's new with maps in the 8.2.4 release, including more flexibility in kanji, German Kreise, and updated US postal codes.

By Sasha Pasulka Dec 8, 2014

“Time is essential." These are the words of Adriana Nunes, a technical coordinator at Disque Denúncia, one of the most respected public safety services in Rio de Janeiro. In this day and age, Adriana’s words are sure to ring true for all of us. But they probably echo a bit longer—and more loudly—if you work in the field of public safety. When it comes to public safety services, resource allocation can be a matter of life and death. By getting the right information at the right time, organizations can dramatically improve their impact.

By Michelle Wallace Dec 4, 2014

In this post, gentle reader, we give you no less than the future. Every year a number of us gather to discuss the state of analytics. What’s new, what’s innovative. Which concepts are emerging, and which promising approaches are finally becoming mainstream. While we can’t promise that we are 100% correct, we can promise an interesting read.

By Ellie Fields Dec 2, 2014

Product Manager Neelesh Kamkolkar announces the launch of Tableau 8.3 which extends Enterprise Security with Support for Kerberos.

By Neelesh Kamkolkar Dec 1, 2014

Tableau Conference On Tour 2014 made its final stop in the bustling city of Tokyo, on 12 November. Over 330 customers, partners and sponsors attended this inaugural On Tour conference in Japan. Customers enjoyed a full day of keynote sessions from notable data analytics leaders, and breakout sessions in both Japanese and English by Tableau customers and the developers who build Tableau. Check out what happened in Tokyo and learn about the insights attendees took home with them.

By Eunice Chen Nov 24, 2014