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Do you know a passionate Tableau evangelist? Are they constantly seeking to help others visualize their data? They are a potential Tableau Zen Master. Throughout June, we are seeking your nominations for the 2014 Zen Masters.

By Andy Cotgreave Jun 5, 2014

This is a guest post by Kathy Rowell at HealthDataViz. Kathy and her team of healthcare experts help organizations align systems, design reports, and develop staff to communicate healthcare data clearly. I have watched with great interest as the U.S. Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has made hospital charge data available to the public, and different groups have begun reporting on it. I imagine that many of you share my core feeling about this topic (one that I have long held, and that the publication of this data changed not at all): hospital charges do not reflect the true cost of delivering care. Displaying what these institutions charge without adequate explanation and context is therefore deeply misleading.

By Morgan Wierleski May 28, 2014

This is a guest post by Ritu Jain, Director of Industry Marketing at Alteryx. A research study by KPMG showed that only about 12% of retailers consider their organization to be highly analytically literate. In a similar vein, 77% of retailer respondents in a recent RSR Research survey listed limited availability of analytical skills to be the biggest organizational inhibitor in wider spread usage of analytics.

By Sasha Pasulka May 22, 2014

Designing effective dashboards is a challenge of design, usability, and efficient insight. There are many sources of inspiration. At our Conference on Tour in The Hague, Steffen Mueller (@iluvanalytics) from HERE built a NASDAQ-inspired dashboard of net promoter scores.

By Andy Cotgreave May 20, 2014

You may not have heard of GlobalCollect but you probably have used their services. They control web-based payments for many major services across the world. If you’ve ever bought something online it’s likely you’ve used GlobalCollect.

By Andy Cotgreave May 16, 2014

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By Andy Cotgreave May 16, 2014

Welcome back to the Best of the Tableau Web. We've been on a break, but we're back and are starting off with a February, March and April combined edition of the great Tableau stuff that's been found on the web. Follow me on twitter (@acotgreave) if you want to hear about these posts the moment they are published.

By Andy Cotgreave May 16, 2014

For those of you working with Salesforce data, we've got great news. We're releasing templates for Salesforce data. These pre-built dashboards will get you going with pipeline management, sales reports, and leads analysis.

By Ellie Fields May 5, 2014

Ever wanted to learn from one of the most experienced Tableau experts around? Now you can, in a 50-page update to the popular whitepaper Designing Efficient Workbooks.

By Ellie Fields May 5, 2014

Microsoft recently announced a critical vulnerability in its Internet Explorer product; see Microsoft Security Advisory 2963983 for more information. This vulnerability allows for an attacker to execute arbitrary code by visiting a malicious web site. Tableau desktop products are affected by this vulnerability as they load an Internet Explorer control as the component to display web content in Tableau applications.

By Ted Wasserman May 1, 2014

The Tableau Community now has over 32,000 registered users and is continually growing each week! In an effort to get more people their answers, the Tableau Community team has doubled from two to four in the last couple of months. Both Jordan Bunker and Patrick Van Der Hyde started at Tableau answering Support cases related to how-to and analytic questions. They became so well versed with the product and customers that we snagged them for the Community! You may have noticed them both bringing their expertise to users by providing quality, helpful responses.

By Tracy Fitzgerald Apr 24, 2014

Last year, we released a data connector for Redshift, Amazon’s petabyte-scale data warehouse in the cloud. This highly popular connector has proven to be a match made in heaven for our customers. Today, we are excited to share a new whitepaper with you that captures best practices for using Tableau with Amazon Redshift.

By Ashley Jaschke Apr 23, 2014

We’re excited to announce that we have enabled oAuth 2.0 authentication on Tableau Online for the live connections that currently support it. This means that for any data sources and workbooks that connect to Salesforce, Google Big Query, or Google Analytics, you will be able to manage the security credentials centrally.

By Elaine Chen Apr 22, 2014

"When I went into my current job, they sat me down and said 'look, we just want you to do what you've already done, what you've learned in school with Tableau, that's exactly what we want you to do here.'" Mike Thurston is one of many students who have kickstarted their careers with the Tableau skills they built in school. Mike started using Tableau in one of his HR Analytics courses at Utah State University. Using Tableau in this course allowed him to build out a portfolio of examples of the types of analyses he had built in Tableau. Mike had been using a free copy of Tableau Desktop – which Tableau offers through the Tableau for Students program.

By Jason Schumacher Apr 17, 2014

“We have so much data to take advantage of—if we're not leveraging it then somebody else is.” These are the words of Sid Wray, a Business Intelligence Product Manager at Cobalt who we recently met. Sid has an interesting story: He was looking for a tool that could take his team’s analytics to the next level. As he explained, “Cobalt is completely data-driven—and has been for a long, long time.” But their processes for working with data were simply too cumbersome. So while they had terabytes to leverage, it took so long to produce reports that they could only do so every two weeks.

By Michelle Wallace Apr 14, 2014