Tableau for Teaching

Want your students to spend time analyzing data instead of learning software?

Whether you teach computer science, informatics, business, sociology, economics, or any other subject, chances are you have data to analyze. We are living in an increasingly data-driven world, and students of all backgrounds need to be prepared for a world in which data analysis is a core skill.

With the Tableau for Teaching program, we can help you spend less time teaching how to connect to data, and more time exploring it. We offer free copies of Tableau Desktop to instructors interested in teaching with Tableau at an accredited institution, as well as free software for your entire class.

Having free access to Tableau is only half the battle, though. We can provide the following for your classes:

  • Free software for use in conjunction with your classes
  • Guest lectures on data visualization and Tableau
  • Assistance with course curricula
  • Sample materials to adapt to your course

To get a desk copy or request licenses for an upcoming class, please fill out our Software Access form and we will be in touch with license keys!