Tableau Desktop for FIRST Robotics Program Students

The unfair advantage anyone can have

Save Time, Improve Performance

Tableau allows anyone to professionally visualize their data on the fly. Your team, regardless of your size, can visualize the data you want to see and answer the questions you need to know. In competitions, this will enable you to:

  • Play better defense
  • Pick better alliance partners
  • Show off outreach
  • Analyze any other information you have at the speed of thought
Off the field, you can better aim your fundraising, analyze robot performance, and reduce inventory waste.

Discover Your Data's True Potential

Get answers to your data questions without having to fiddle with wizards or complicated menus. Integrating pit scouting data is a breeze and sharing your data is just a click away. Teams don’t always perform predictably and now your analysis can react accordingly. This means you can always act on the most up to date information, even during a competition.

Your Virtual Kit comes with several licenses to Tableau Desktop - download Tableau here and get a head start over other teams.

Learn How To Use Tableau - Quickly

We've developed training videos so you can become an expert in no time at all and on your own schedule. These tutorials were designed by FIRST students for FIRST students. These videos cover everything from entering your data to making advanced dashboards for competition.

Other Support Materials

We have also included sample data sets, written tutorials, and copies of workbooks created in the tutorial videos. Use them to practice, or pick and choose the best parts to hone your data skills.

We'd love to hear what you're doing with Tableau! Join our Facebook community and share a viz for a chance to win a Tableau t-shirt, or email us with any comments!