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Why You Need
Tableau Desktop

Get answers 100x faster.

Answer questions as fast as you can think of them with Desktop

Tableau Desktop is based on breakthrough technology from Stanford University that lets you drag & drop to analyze data. You can connect to data in a few clicks, then visualize and create interactive dashboards with a few more.

We’ve done years of research to build a system that supports people’s natural ability to think visually. Shift fluidly between views, following your natural train of thought. You’re not stuck in wizards or bogged down writing scripts. You just create beautiful, rich data visualizations.

It's so easy to use that any Excel user can learn it. Get more results for less effort. And it’s 10 –100x faster than existing solutions.

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Ease of use to ease your mind

Tableau Desktop is an intuitive, drag-and-drop tool that lets you see every change as you make it. Work at the speed of thought, without ever taking your eyes off the data. Anyone comfortable with Excel can get up to speed on Tableau quickly. Business leaders use it to see and understand many facets of their business at a glance. Scientists use it to create sophisticated trend analyses. Marketers use it to make data-driven decisions that drive ROI through the roof. What will you do with it?

People See the Advantages

Tableau’s user interface is easy to use, but we're careful never to confuse ease of use with limitations. Tableau lets you create rich visualizations and dashboards in minutes. Download a free trial and see for yourself.

10 - 100x Faster

Working with massive data? Tableau’s Data Engine is blazing fast. With Tableau you don’t have to use anything less than all the data you need. Tableau’s architecture-aware approach means you can bring all your data right onto your laptop and still have interactive response time.

Work with hundreds of million of rows of data right on your own computer. Get answers in seconds. It’s real-time business analytics for real-time business data.

Publish to Tableau Server and collaborate with colleagues. They can also work at blazing speeds from your shared data sources.

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Smart, fit and beautiful dashboards

Combine multiple views of data into a single dashboard. Insert web pages, images and documents for better storytelling and faster insight. Highlight and filter related data. Just like your views, dashboards can be connected to live data, or you can use the built-in Data Engine to speed up your analysis.

When you create brilliant dashboards in Tableau you can share them–-along with your aha! moments--on Tableau Server. Or keep those beauties all to yourself. Either way, Tableau is the data visualization software that will help you take your analytics to the next level.

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Analytics on the iPad, Android tablets, SharePoint and everywhere

Develop in minutes, share to thousands. Using Tableau Server you can publish interactive dashboards to the web in seconds, then embed them in a SharePoint site or view them on an iPad or Android tablet. Because your viewers need only a web browser or a tablet to filter, sort, and answer their own questions, they can engage anywhere, anytime. Finally, data analysis moves out of the back office and into the core of your business.

It takes only a few clicks to publish, and you don't need to make changes for your dashboards to show up on web browsers, mobile Safari, or the Tableau Mobile app. So you spend your time on analysis, not on IT.

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Perfect mashups

Connect to data in one click and layer in a second data source, or a third. Want to add population data from the census to your sales data to see penetration rates? Click. Want to extend your production data with shipping data from those same dates? Click. Combining data sources in the same view is so easy it feels like cheating. You can even filter from one data source to another and highlight across data sources. Just go get that extra data and throw it into the mix.

See Tableau’s data blending in action

Direct connect & go

Imagine if you could reach into any database and just start analyzing its data, without the need to prepare anything in advance? Old-school business intelligence platforms require users to build elaborate “universes” and “cubes” and “temporary tables” before any real work can be done. Tableau eliminates those steps completely. There’s no requirement to pull data into a silo--you work directly from your database. You can manage your own data connection and metadata, and your work will never impact the production database.

In Tableau you can connect directly to databases, cubes, data warehouses, files and spreadsheets. Your connection is live so you see up-to-the-minute data. It takes only a few clicks; no programming is required. In minutes you’ll be accessing data, consolidating numbers, and visualizing results without advance set-up. It's true ad-hoc business analytics.

Download a free trial and connect directly to your data using Tableau Desktop.

Best practices in a box

Born at Stanford and raised by a pack of wild PhDs, Tableau has best practices built right in. You get the benefit of years of research on the best way to represent data, from carefully optimized color schemes that tell clear stories, to built-in worldwide mapping, and an elegant design that keeps users focused on what’s important. You ask the question, and Tableau will help you see the answer.

Our goal is to provide data visualization software that helps you understand and communicate information in the most effective way possible.

The Show Me feature takes the guesswork out of building visualizations.

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What Our 
Customers Say

Hear from our customers.

How do you know a Tableau customer?

He's the one who always has a handle on the data and can slice it this way and that. She's the one who digs into new trends first. He's the one with the answers. She's the one who loves her job.

A Legion of Customers

Our customers work at companies like UPS, Pfizer, Zynga, Progressive Insurance, Yahoo!, American Airlines, The Discovery Channel and Microsoft. They're leaders at universities like Yale, Cornell, and The University of Oxford. They represent public institutions like the U.S. Army, City of D.C. and the Pan-American Health Organization. They're stand-out students at universities worldwide.

We can perform the what-if analyses and look at the different scenarios and come to decisions in real time, as opposed to days or weeks.”

- Dave Holmes-Kinsella, FiberTower

What Our Customers Have to Say


"Tableau is changing the game for us ... We made the conscious choice of starting with Tableau at the staff level on down. So everybody from new-hire MBAs to people who come out of undergrad have Tableau. And then we're pushing it to our managers, all the way up through our principals, directors and other partners."
- Ryan Renner, Deloitte

Johns Hopkins Hospital

“Doctors, nurses, administrators, shift coordinators, even the nurse managers on the floors are using this information to manage patient flow. Normally those teams are isolated, and they work amongst themselves. But this dashboard has brought everybody together, and everybody is looking at the same data at the same time, and acting in a unified fashion.”
- Doug Brooks, Johns Hopkins Hospital


“Tableau is fun to use and it's powerful and it provides value. It gives people something that they can get excited about using. So, rather than using tools that are challenging and just laborious to use, Tableau has changed the excitement people have toward finding answers. People want to use it.”
- Peter Gilks, Barclays

Spokane School District

“Tableau has increased the efficiency of what we're able to deliver with data. It’s so much smarter, more effective and targeted; it allows everyone to act quicker. I'm able to give them tools to help them be more effective principals and teachers, to get more kids to graduate, more kids to post-secondary, more kids to college.”
- Steven Gering, Spokane School District

To find out what other customers have to say about Tableau and to see how even more industries are benefiting from Tableau, check out our customer stories

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Now more is possible.

A Visual Query Language for Data

Spun out of Stanford in 2003, Tableau combines advances in computer graphics and database query to change the way you see and understand data.

The five core design principles of Tableau’s visual analysis products are: Easy User Interfaces, Easy Data Exploration, Expressiveness, Visualization Best Practices and Database Independence. All of these principles are embodied in or enabled by Tableau’s VizQL™.

The Data Engine
Designed for massive data

The next breakthrough was Tableau's Data Engine, which gives users the ability to do ad-hoc analysis of massive data in seconds. The Data Engine combines advances in database and computer graphics technology to let you visually query massive data in a truly ad-hoc fashion.

With huge data comes huge possibility. When we built the Data Engine, we focused on data layout and algorithms that allow Tableau to realize speed-of-thought performance. You can work with all your data in-memory on a laptop or mobile device and get query responses in seconds or less.

Learn more about Tableau’s breakthrough technologies that make this software so unique.

Goals of the Tableau Data Engine

  1. Innovation in how we load data from disk and how we implement lookups
  2. Requires no fixed data model
  3. No requirement to know your query workload up-front
  4. Consistent and predictable performance
  5. Designed for real-world query workloads of visual analytics
  6. Seamless integration with the corporate warehouse

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Visualize Data Like Never Before

Find your industry solution.

Analyze any data with Tableau

As powerful as a freight train. As easy as riding a bike. Create maps, bar and line charts, heatmaps, dashboards and more. Customize colors, perform calculations and add annotations. Do it all quickly, without weeks of training or specialized degrees.

Tableau helps you understand and present your data in ways you never dreamed possible.