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Tableau Online. Rapid fire business intelligence in the cloud.

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Why You Need Tableau Online

Get answers 100x faster

The power of Tableau, in the cloud

Tableau Online is a hosted version of Tableau Server. It makes rapid-fire business analytics easier than ever. Share dashboards with your whole company and with customers and partners— in minutes. Provide live, interactive views of data that let people answer their own questions, right in a web browser or on a tablet. And do it in a secure, hosted environment.

Get up and running in minutes. Add new users in a few clicks. Tableau Online can scale up as much as you need and you can use it wherever you need it. You don't need to purchase, set up or manage any infrastructure.

Give everyone in your company powerful analytics. Make better decisions.
And do it fast.

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Get started fast

Tableau Online is speed-of-thought analytics–now with speed-of-thought deployment. No hardware to provision. No configuration. Nothing to manage. Just your data, at your fingertips, now.

Share dashboards

Publish dashboards to Tableau Online with a few clicks. Invite others to your site to view and interact with your dashboards. Tableau Online keeps your data secure, but works outside your firewall—so it’s easy to collaborate with partners and customers.

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Edit your data anywhere

Tableau Online is mobile: you can get your dashboards in any web browser, iPad or Android tablet. It’s automatically touch-optimized for mobile experiences. Wherever you are, you have the ability to work with your data and even ask new questions—no download required.

Set up your free trial and connect to your data from anywhere.

Centralize your data

Just as you can publish a dashboard to Tableau Online, you can also publish data and data sources to share. Tableau’s Data Server provides a central place to manage data, data sources and metadata. Other users can access that shared data to create their own analysis. This lets people benefit from work that’s already been done to prepare and publish the data.

Update automatically

Tableau Online can automatically refresh data so that you’re always working with the latest. Pull data from cloud data sources such as Salesforce and Google Analytics, or push data from inside your firewall to Tableau Online.


Get critical information right in your email inbox by subscribing to a workbook. Simply click into the email to go to Tableau Online and interact with the data.

Stay secure, by design and by default

Tableau understands that data is among the most strategic assets an organization has. Therefore we put the highest priority on maintaining the security and privacy of our customers’ data.

Start small and grow

There’s no minimum number of users. So give it a shot. As you grow, you can either scale up on Tableau Online and let us manage your scalability, or migrate to Tableau Server and manage it in-house. It’s your choice.

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What Our
Customers Say

Hear from our customers

How are customers using Tableau Online today?

Our customers are champions, delivering analytics with ease to entire organizations. They are sharing with colleagues, customers and partners. They’re delivering touch-optimized mobile dashboards. And they’re doing it without learning how to provision hardware or do any programming. They’re motivated to make data-driven decisions and help others do the same. They are driving change.

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It took us weeks. In the past it would have taken months.

- Abhi Beniwal, Interactions Marketing

What Our Customers Say

Herring Creek Capital

“We got our hedge fund up and running with Tableau Online extremely quickly. It’s helped enormously with the flow of ideas within the team.”
- Sandeep Varma, Herring Creek Capital

Elite Brands

“The biggest benefit is to be able to access a large amount of information from anywhere you have web access, specifically on an iPad. This is beneficial to our field sales team when information is needed on the fly.”
- Greg Sheldon, Elite Brands

To hear what other customers have to say about Tableau and to see how even more industries are benefiting from Tableau, check out our customer stories.

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By Design

Highly secure and private

Security—Our Priority One

We know data is critical to you and your business, so our highest priority is on maintaining security and privacy of your data. That means operational, user, data, application and transmission security. It’s our servers, but it’s your data.

Let's say that again: It’s your data. And only your data. Only your authorized users will have access to your data and dashboards stored in Tableau Online..

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Visualize Data Like Never Before

Create stories with your data

Analyze any data with Tableau

As powerful as a freight train. As easy as riding a bike. Create maps, bar and line charts, heatmaps, dashboards and more. Customize colors, perform calculations and add annotations. Do it all quickly, without weeks of training or specialized degrees.

Tableau helps you understand and present your data in ways you never dreamed possible.

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