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Why you need 
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Communicate better.
Engage more.

A new platform for stories
on the web.

Tableau Public is for anyone who wants to tell stories with interactive data on the web. It's delivered as a service which allows you to be up and running overnight. With Tableau Public you can create amazing interactive visuals and publish them quickly, without the help of programmers or IT.

The Premium version of Tableau Public is for organizations that want to enhance their websites with interactive data visualizations. There are higher limits on the size of data you can work with. And among other premium features, you can keep your underlying data hidden.

Why tell stories with data? Because interactive content drives more page views and longer dwell time. Industry experts have cited figures showing that the average reading time of a web page with an interactive visual is 4, 5 or 6 times that of a static web page.

Start Telling Data Stories with Tableau Public

No programming

Do More With Tableau Public

Embed live visualizations, no programming needed

Use Tableau to connect to data and create interactive data visualizations. Then embed those directly in your web pages. It's just like embedding a YouTube video. Visualizations are designed to look like part of the page.

You never need to do any programming to create, publish or share Tableau Public visualizations.

Start Embedding Live Visualizations Today

Tell better stories

Tell better stories

Tableau offers hundreds of visualization types, such as maps, bar and line charts, lists, heat maps and more.

Tell stories about places with Tableau's built-in mapping, which automatically geocodes down to the city and zip code level.

Tell stories about trends over time with Tableau's built-in date functionality, which lets readers filter to a time period or drill down from months to days to hours.

Or combine views into a dashboard to show different sides of the same story.

Start Telling Better Stories Today

Go mobile

Go mobile

Tableau Public is automatically touch-optimized for iPad and Android tablets. So unlike Flash content, it not only works on the iPad but provides a great mobile experience. Tableau Public supports all browsers without plug-ins-- it's pure AJAX right in the browser, so your readers don't have to download anything.

Embed Mobile Capable Visualizations with Public


Experience world-class performance

We are relentless in making Tableau Public visualizations faster. Our engineering team is constantly taking advantage of new server and web advances to improve the user experience. From the initial load of the visualization to every hover and filter, your viewers can lose themselves in your story.

This visualization about the iPad went viral on 3 major websites at the same time.

Try Tableau Public's Fast Interactive Visualizations

Drive traffic via sharing

Drive traffic via sharing

Links for Twitter, Facebook and email on every viz encourage readers to find their own story and share it. When others click into the post, they land back at your site, so you get the traffic.

Drive Traffic with Tableau Public

Update in seconds

Publish updates in seconds

Update any visualization with new data in seconds. No need to re-create or even re-embed in your page. All versions of the visualization in all locations update simultaneously. Publish evergreen stories like game results or monthly business indicators to drive repeat traffic to your website.

Use Tableau Public to Easily Update Visualizations

Integrate with site content

Integrate with other site content

Link data directly to other content, like player profiles, product descriptions or related posts. You can even embed videos and play them on click. With Tableau, no programming is ever required.

Use Tableau Public to Enhance Other Content

Disable data download

Premium feature: Suppress underlying data

Suppress download for proprietary data. You choose whether to publish your visualization with download enabled or disabled. If download is not enabled, your users can filter and interact with the data normally but cannot paste it into Excel, view the underlying detail or download the workbook.

This feature is only available with Tableau Public Premium.

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and training

Rich soil
nurtures growth.

Community & training

Tableau Public has a rich community of authors who share techniques and learn from each other. People passionate about politics, sports, real estate and government use Tableau Public to enrich discussions and share data.

Follow @Tableau on Twitter and Facebook. Here you'll find other authors creating visualizations and can connect with them too.

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Build on top of great work already done.


Tableau Public's training videos and knowledgebase help you form a foundation for understanding data visualization.

And check out the Best Practices to become a data jedi.

Get product news, tips and top author reports

Follow the Tableau Public blog for news about new product features, tips and the quarterly Top 100 in Tableau Public report.

See one exceptional visualization each day

Subscribe to Viz of the Day to see one exceptional visualization per day, sourced from the community of Tableau Public authors.

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Tableau Public 

When something good
becomes incredible.

Tableau Public Premium

Companies and organizations that want to distinguish themselves use Tableau Public Premium to show, not tell, their web users that they are different. Customers such as Inrix, Cornell University and The Canadian Institute for Health Information use Tableau to set themselves apart.

Tableau Public Premium is for data larger than 1,000,000 rows or data that must remain confidential. Tableau Public Premium customers can share their work on the public web and get the flexibility to decide to protect underlying data or let it be openly accessed.

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Premium Features

Features in Tableau Public Premium that are not available in our free product, Tableau Public:

  • Suppress underlying data
  • Use Tableau Desktop Professional to build and save locally, then publish when ready
  • Custom row limits
  • Custom storage limits
  • Access to Tableau Technical Support

Inrix uses Tableau Public Premium to showcase its proprietary traffic data to customers and gain attention from the press.

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What Our 
Customers Say

Hear from customers.

Killer content pays off.

Companies from major media companies to organizations publishing data on important public issues use Tableau Public to differentiate their site, tell better stories and drive higher levels of reader engagement.

Customers are finding that using interactive data multiplies time on page by 4, 5, and even 6 times.

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What Our Customers Have to Say

Tableau visualization software is truly remarkable.”

- Stan Humphries, Chief Economist,

The Vancouver Sun

"I've been really impressed at how easy it is to make compelling and visually appealing interactive graphics that allow our readers to drill down to the information that's most important to them.”
-Chad Skelton, Reporter, The Vancouver Sun

“By making it interactive, people can create for themselves an individual and customized experience.”
- Daniel Newman,

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