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How it works

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  • Step 1

    Download the FREE Tableau Public tool
    (If you already have Tableau Public go to STEP 2)

    Anyone can do it. With Tableau Public’s free online tool you can create interactive graphs, dashboards, maps and tables from virtually any data and embed them on your website or blog.

    Get Tableau Public
    Microsoft® Windows® Vista, XP, Server 2008, Server 2003, 2000, Windows 7 and virtualized environments when they are configured with the proper underlying Windows operating system.
  • Step 2

    Create and publish your “viz” to your blog or website

    Choose any quantified self related data you'd like and make a viz of it. Be sure to embed your viz on your blog or website.

  • Step 3

    Submit your entry form

    Fill out the entry form and submit by 12:00 am PST May 26, 2014. A panel of judges will evaluate all submissions based on design, storytelling, analysis, and overall appeal.

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