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Telling Tales with Tableau

Editor's note: This Storytelling Month guest blog post was written by Matt Francis of Wannabe Data Rock Star.
Stories have had a pivotal role in the sharing of information throughout history. From sitting around a campfire to blockbuster films, stories have allowed people to exchange ideas. One reason for this is ...


And the winner is...

A huge thank you and big congratulations to all the contestants in our final Iron Viz feeder contest, the Storytelling Viz Contest! We asked you to put together amazing data stories and you definitely delivered. Make sure you check out all the entries to see some fine examples of the Storypoints feature in Tableau Public 8.2

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Storytelling Viz Contest Entries

This is it! Here are the last batch of entries to the Iron Viz at the Tableau Conference in Seattle in September. Now let's hear who YOU think should join the data brawl with our first contestant, John Mathis, winner of the Elite 8 Sports Viz Contest last March and Jeffrey Shaffer, the winner of our Quantified Self Viz Contest. Use ...


Lead with Story

Editor's note: This Storytelling Month guest blog post was written by Cole Nussbaumer of Storytelling With Data, originally posted on her site here. The illustrative example Cole uses in this post was also published to Tableau Public using the new Story Points feature here.
When asked to write a guest blog post for ...

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