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April 16th

Sarah Ryley published on New York Daily News

Sarah Ryley of New York Daily News digs into the data behind a 31% spike in crime in New York City Housing Authority projects compared to a 3.3% increase in the rest of the city. Use the buttons on the left to view different kinds of crimes.

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More Great Vizzes

An Irish Rugby Player Retires

DNM Analytics takes a look at the performance of recently retired Irish rugby player Brian O'Driscoll. See how Number 13 for the Irish contributed to team performance against five other nations and across a variety of statistics.

Scrabble Day

Yesterday was National Scrabble Day! Dan Gerena and Alex Skrivanich examined several games of Scrabble to see which strategies work best. Use the game picker to switch between games and see their progress.

Attack Trends Worldwide

This viz by Michael Troung explores the amount of attacks worldwide. Use the map to investigate the magnitude of these attacks based on location.

Kansas and Missouri Tornadoes

Check out this visualization by Robert Cronkleton showing where tornadoes have landed in Kansas and Missouri since 2007. Click on a year or tornado strength to filter the map.

Toll Bridges and Tunnels in NYC

Mike McDearmon visualises New York City bridge costs by vehicle type. Use the map to localize the bridge you're interested in and select a vehicle type. Alternatively, switch to the second tab to localize free of charge bridges.

Gaming the Lottery

Some Floridians are winning the lottery more often than statisticians believe could be just by luck. Click on the image below to see Michelle Quigley's analysis of the frequent winners.

Russian Natural Gas

John Schoen of CNBC shows the natural gas production and consumption of European countries. Select a country to see the percentage of total consumption accounted for by internal production as well as total consumption in cubic feet per year.

Earthquakes in Northern Chile

This viz by Ramon Martinez of Health Intelligence explores the recent earthquakes off the coast of Iquique, Chile. Hover over the map and timeline to see more details on the severity and location of each earthquake.

International Migrant Population

The Migration Policy Institute explores international migrant population in this visualization. Start by selecting a country and display the migration population by immigrants or emigrants.

Cup Stacking World Records

Paul Banoub of VizNinja gives us a peak into the world of competitive cup stacking. Click the different images of stacking challenges to watch different videos and hover over the "i" buttons to view Paul's expert analysis of the charts.

Measuring the Housing Market

Freddie Mac created a visualization on its inaugural Multi-Indicator Market Index. Use the maps to select a state and explore the data on a national, state and metro level.

Stairs of the City

This viz by Anya A'Hearn of DataBlick and Allan Walker illustrates the stairs of San Francisco to benefit the American Lung Association. Click on the visualization to explore the different staircases around the city on Anya's blog.

Mapping College Return on Investment

This viz by PayScale shows the college return on investment breakdown by state. Use the filter at the top to explore post-graduation and financial aid data.

Most Playoff Touchdown Passes

This visualization from Got Data explores playoff touchdown passes from the top quarterbacks of all time. Select the top filter to see each quarterback and a breakdown of their touchdown passes during the playoffs.

Airplane Safety Trends since 1920

This viz from David Murphy examines worldwide airplane safety data since 1920. As you can see the number of crashes and fatalities have seen a downward trend since 1998. Use the filter at the top to view data for individual carriers.

The rise and the fall of college hockey conference

Hockey is a popular sport in the US and the popularity of its conferences is likely to vary over time. visualizes the total attendance of the men's hockey conference tournaments from 2000 to 2013. Select the top filter to see the total attendance by conference and compare ...

Megacities 2030

John Schoen of CNBC shows the expected population and GDP of cities around the world in the year 2030. Choose different regions and click on cities to see their GDP per capita.

Matchup Guide for the 2014 NCAA Tournament

Jay Lewis of 64 to 1 lets us quickly compare each of the 68 NCAA tournament teams head to head. Pick your teams to compare their stats. Then switch tabs to see the last 28 years of NCAA brackets, where the teams have to travel this year, or review common metrics in the glossary.

Alcohol Sales in Central Texas

Christian McDonald of the Austin American Statesman explores 10 years worth of alcohol sales data in Texas. Explore the additional tabs to see which establishment has the most sales and why Austin, TX zip code 78701 sell the most alcohol of any city in the state.

Russian in Ukraine

The Russian Sphinx sheds light on the tensions in Ukraine by visualizing the language and nationality of the population living in Ukraine. Use the filter to color the map by % of population speaking Russian or by Russian nationality.

Guatemalan School Record

Explore school performance in Guatemala with this viz by the Health Policy Project. Switch tabs to see the pass, fail and drop out rate by gender.

IMDB Movies Visualized

Yu Hua Lim uses data available from the International Movie Database (IMDB) to visualize almost all the movies ever released. Explore by genre, year, country, IMDB rating, or search by title keyword. Do you see any trends over the years?

Will these teams ever win it all?

Mike Evans created this viz of the 46 teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB that have never won a championship. Click on a trophy to switch between different sports and click on a team icon to watch a clip of a moment where they almost won.

Top Incomes by State 1917-2011

Colin Gordon of The Telltale Chart looks at what percentage on income share the top earners in each state possess from 1917 to 2011. Use the controls at the bottom of the viz to view different income groups or to select a year range.

Jobs and Earnings Change by Metro

This visualization by Careerbuilder and EMSI compares changes in number of jobs and average earnings per jobs in the 100 largest metro areas in the United States. The data shows the changes from 2001-2013. Click on a metro area to see how different industries were affected ...

Sports Popularity in Australian News

Mac Bryla studies articles published in Australian newspapers to compare the popularity of football to other sports in Australia.

How Chicago gets around on Divvy

KK Molugu of Got Data visualizes the movement of 4,000 bikes across 400 Divvy stations across the city of Chicago as his submission for the Divvy Bikes Data Challenge. See bike usage by day, location, gender and even compare usage to temperature and weather ...

How the Sun Controls the Weather

This dashboard by Matt Francis illustrates how the cyclic nature of sunspots, cosmic rays and solar irradiance correlate with global temperatures. Scroll down to see each of the four measures individually and then use the two parameters in the bottom view to superimpose any two of ...

Divvy Station Cockpit

The Datographer, John Mathis of Slalom, submitted this dashboard to the Divvy Bikes Data Challenge. He calls it the "Divvy Station Cockpit" and in his own words, "it is designed to provide an in-depth analysis of a selected station and can be used to help Divvy evaluate operations ...

Tapestry Conference Tweets

Ramon Martinez of Health Intelligence gives us a view into last week's Tapestry Data Storytelling Conference in Annapolis with this twitter dashboard. See #tapestryconf tweets over time and click on any of the bars to see tweets, retweets and mentions by person.

Oscar Predictions

Adam McCann of Dueling Data created an interactive dashboard showing predictions for the Oscars based on how well the candidates fared in earlier awards, such as the Golden Globes and the British Academy. See how well the predictions fared by comparing with the

Survey of Food Prices in Buenos Aires

Yanina Ronconi and La Nacion analyse food prices from 6 supermarkets located in the centre and south of Buenos Aires. The data reveals that the price can vary as much as 28% between two supermarkets.

The luckiest counties in Missouri

Lottery is a popular hobby in Missouri. This viz created by Robert Cronkleton lets you explore the number of tickets sold and the number of winners for each county. Select a county from the map and see the stats between 2005 and 2013. This viz is part of a set of 6 interactives, ...

Top Trumps Card Game Analysis

If you are familiar with Marvel Comics you might wonder how you can see and compare each characters. If you play Top Trumps, a card game depicting a set of Marvel heroes, you need to know your cards to win the game. With this viz, Chris Love lets you compare characteristics between ...

How does the US spend foreign aid?

The US allocated a significant amount of money to foreign aid. This viz from Michael Truong takes records from the US Department of State to show us where this budget goes. Use the top filters to switch between years and aid types. The map and barcharts give you an idea of where and ...

Sochi 2014 Medal Counts & Scores

With this viz Robert Tufts gives us the final count of medals for the 2014 Olympiad in Sochi. Use the top filters to focus on a particular medal type and select the list of sports you're interested in. Switch to the next tab to analyse a complete matrix of medals by country as well ...

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