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July 25th

Jonathan Trajkovic published on

Jonathan Trajkovic wins the third and final Iron Viz contest for 2014! Click through the story points to see this amazing story of traffic in France.

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More Great Vizzes

Gazprom's Grip: Russia's Leverage Over Europe

Li Luo of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty illustrates Russia's supply and pricing of natural gas to Europe. Click through the story points to see which countries are Russia's biggest customers.

The Story of the 2014 World Cup

Carlos Flores gives us a thorough look at the story of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Click through the story points to see how everything went down in Brazil.

The Story of the Second Punic War

Joshua Milligan of Viz Painter tells the story of Hannibal Barca's invasion of the Roman Republic in 218 BC. Follow the story points to learn about Hannibal's unlikely victories over the Romans as well his eventual defeat and it's cause.

Evolution 2014 Viewers

Brian Bickell of InterWorks visualizes the number of viewers of the Twitch Evolution 2014 stream during the final day of the tournament. Click through the story points to see how the viewership changed according to the different games.

ESL Students in Majority at Some Vancouver Schools

Chad Skelton of the Vancouver Sun illustrates how the proportion of ESL, special needs, and gifted students vary across BC schools. Click on the story points to compare the big picture with the school of your choice.

Rhino Poaching in South Africa

Laura Grant of the Mail & Guardian outlines the rise of rhino poaching in South Africa. Click through the story points to see where and when poaching has been concentrated.

Case for a New Minimum Wage

Peter Gilks created this story using the new Storypoints feature in Tableau Public 8.2 to make a case for a new type of minimum wage. Click the image below to open up the interactive viz.

Breakdown of TV Commercials

Harley Ellenberger of Kantar Media takes a look at the breakdown of TV commercials in the U.S. House, U.S. Senate and Governor races so far this year. Explore the story points to see more specific details about these commercials.

Jupiter's Moon Callisto

Jeffrey A. Shaffer of data + science tells the story of Jupiter's moons. Click on the story points to journey "Out of This World" and explore the details of the largest planet's entourage.

World Cup Hashtag War

Andy Cotgreave has been tracking all sponsor hashtag mentions during #2014WorldCup. Click through the story points to see which brands are leading the pack.

The History of Transportation Recalls

Ian Weiner illustrates the last half century of transportation recalls in this highly detailed visualization. Click on the story points to see how recalls have been distributed throughout the years.

Diversity in Post-Secondary Institutions

Jon Boeckenstedt explores diversity within the plethora of post-secondary educational institutions in the United States. Click on the image below to be taken to the full interactive version.

The Age of World Cup Players

Maarten Lambrechts illustrates his analysis of World Cup player ages with this data visualization. Click on the story points to walk through Maarten's analysis.

Melbourne Apartment Development

Craig Butt of The Age shows Melbourne's historic apartment boom. Click through the story points to see the homes that have been built in the last few years and those that are expected to be completed by 2015.

The History of the Dow 30

John Schoen of CNBC visualizes the story of the Dow Jones industrial average over the past 87 years. Click through the story points to see the companies that have entered and left the iconic Dow 30 index.

6 Years of the NBA Draft

Carl Allchin was inspired by an article on the craziness of the NBA draft to create these slope graphs comparing the last 6 years of the draft. Click through the storypoints to see what he found.

Maine's Median Age

Darren Fishell of the Bangor Daily News tells the story of how the median age of the population in Maine, already the nation's oldest state, has increased more than other states since 2010. Click across the story points at the top to see a breakdown by county.

Electric Power in the US

Robert Rouse of Interworks visualizes how the power industry in the United States has changed over the past decade. Click on a fuel type in the list to filter the state map and highlight the timeline or choose a fuel sub-group from the drop down list.

World Cup Twitter Trends: USA vs Germany

Michael Truong and Tristan Mikoleit visualize tweets posted during the USA vs Germany World Cup match. Click the screenshot to explore how game events blew up on Twitter.

Who's the Cutest German World Cup Player?

Cast your vote for the cutest German World Cup player with Tara Walker's interactive roster! Click on a thumbnail to see a bigger portrait and brief profile information about each player.

Tic Tac Tableau

Joshua Milligan did some creative data gymnastics to teach Tableau how to play Tic Tac Toe! Tableau is smart enough to win or draw every time, but if you need an ego boost, alter the parameters on the right to level the playing field.

Hackney Half Marathon Results

Rishi Kumar shows results from the Hackney Half Marathon in London. Click on the visualization to explore the story points to see how individuals performed in both finish time and pace.

Sharing the Refugee Burden

This viz created by Inga Ting of the Sydney Morning Herald uses 8.2 Story Points to examine Australia's share of the refugee burden overall, compared to population, and as a function of economic wealth. Use the squares across the top to see the situation from each of these three ...

Chicago Marathon - Battle of the Sexes

KK Molugu investigates the "battle of the sexes" in the Chicago Marathon over time. Click through the story points to gain more insight into the differences in participation/performance between men and women.

How the Sun Controls the Weather

Matt Francis uses Tableau Public 8.2's new Story Points feature to explain how the sun influences Earth's weather. Click on the visualization to walk through the details.

Manchester's Most Expensive Neighbourhoods

This visualization from the Manchester Evening News let's you explore property sales in the greater Manchester area. Click a neighborhood to see the most expensive sales and view them in Google maps.

Scrabble Grand Masters

In his first Tableau Public viz and blog post, Scrabble Grand Master and 2002 Singapore national champion Ricky Purnomo shows us the journey that thirteen players took to becoming a GM. Click on each name in the bar chart to filter the line charts on the right.

World Cup Team Travel

Pick a World Cup team to see how far they will have to travel in Brazil to play their first group matches. Switch dashboards to see more info about each team and their players.

Major Colorado Wildfires from 1971-2013

Kevin Hamm of the Denver Post visualizes major wildfires in Colorado from 1971-2013. Choose a cause from the dropdown menu to explore the geographic differences between fires with human and natural causes.

2014 World Cup Players

The 2014 World Cup in Brazil begins TODAY! Use this viz by La Nacion of Buenos Aires, Argentina to explore where the 736 players choose to play when not partaking in the World Cup.

Baby Boomers and Millennials in the Workforce

This viz from EMSI and Careerbuilder examines how job growth from 2007 to 2013 differed between the baby boomer and millennial generations. Compare the two generations using the radio buttons on the left. Click on the second tab to see which cities top the list for the most growth ...

Tracking Ebola in Africa

Ramon Martinez of Health Intelligence tracks the current outbreak of Ebola in Africa in the first viz, and then shows us a chronology of Ebola outbreaks in Africa in the second viz. See where the outbreak is taking place, and the gravity of the situation in each location.

Youth Soccer in Washington D.C.

Mike Crow takes a look at the performance of youth soccer teams in the Washington D.C. metro area. Choose an age group and division to see the ranking of each team and their match scores.

Triple Crown Winner?

Bill Parsons of Elevate Data Solutions asks the question: is it time for another Triple Crown winner? Use this viz to explore California Chrome's racing history as well as the other horses in the field for the 2014 Belmont Stakes.

Where are Rent Prices Changing?

Courtney Craig of Apartment Guide maps and compares rent price changes across the US in the past year. Mouse over the map or use the filters to see how prices have changed in specific areas.

All-Time World Cup Records

Steve Fenn of Stat Hunting visualizes a breakdown of all-time World Cup records by country. Select a record type to explore historical World Cup data from many angles.

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