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August 29th

Équipe MPF published on Radio-Canada

Radio-Canada takes a look at what languages are spoken in their country and where each language is most widely spoken. Click on a province to see the distribution of languages spoken in that particular province.

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More Great Vizzes

Crimes in Hartford, CT

Stephen Busemeyer of The Courant visualizes the locations of different types of crimes in Hartford, CT. Click on the screenshot to explore the viz and filter the view.

Sport Trends in the US

Steve Fenn explores the regionality of Google searches for various sports. Use the drop down menu in the top left to select a sport to view.

Will it Rain in Seattle?

Peter Gilks of Paint by Numbers shows just how rainy Seattle is compared with a random selection of cities from around the world. Use the quick filters to narrow your comparison by country or month, and hover over each city's cloud to filter the timeline.

Chikungunya Virus Outbreak

Ramon Martinez of Health Intelligence takes a look at the Chikungunya virus outbreak in the Americas in 2014. Explore the confirmed and suspected cases of Chikungunya, broken down by country.

Fare Evasion in NYC

Sarah Ryley of the New York Daily News takes a look at summonses and arrests due to fare evasion in NYC. Explore the second viz to see the most frequently charged offenses in comparison to fare evasion.

The Belarusian Harvest Compared

Антон Девятов and Вадим Шмыгов of TUT.BY illustrate the Belarusian grain harvest in comparison with harvests from around the world. Click the tabs at the top to view geographic and time trend data for these harvests.

Getting away with murder

Phillip Reese of The Sacramento Bee examines the low clearance rate of murder cases in California. He attributes the low clearance rates to gang culture, budget cuts in police departments, and some agencies just generally performing better than others.

Alabama Coach Nick Saban's Pay

Andy Kriebel of VizWiz and Facebook takes a look at University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban's pay compared to other SEC coaches, coaches from other conferences, and even from other sports in this Story Points viz.

Internet Development in China

Michelle Xiao of iClick Interactive takes a look at the internet development in China. Click through the story points to see the breakdown of the internet usage by gender, employment status and location.

Indian Independence Day

In honor of Indian Independence Day today, Farid Jalal of BRIDGEi2i visualizes Indian citizens who have led inspirational lives. Explore the viz to see those individuals who have received the highest honors in India.

Changes in the Peruvian Congress

Ángel Hugo Pilares of El Comercio details changes in Peru's Congress from 2011 to 2014. Click on the year icons to see how the composition of this legislative body has changed.

10 Diseases Deadlier than Ebola

Current numbers from the World Health Organization put the total death toll of the recent Ebola outbreak at 932 people. El Confidencial produced this visualization to remind us that while the ebola outbreak is very serious, there are more deadly diseases that we should not ignore. ...

Milwaukee Brewers Playoff Odds

Matt Montgomery of the Journal Sentinel explores the Milwaukee Brewers' chance of making the playoffs in 2014. Hover over a team to see various stats and number of projected wins.

Chicago Public Schools

For the 2014 Data Science Challenge, Byung (Billy) Lee takes a look at the performance of Chicago Public Schools in 2013-2014. Use the filters to see each school's performance across several metrics. Click the screenshot to explore the viz.

Employment in Spain

El Confidencial visualizes the employment levels in Spain for each municipality. Click through the story points to see how employment has changed since June of 2008.

Austin Texas Charter School Growth

Christian McDonald of the Austin American-Statesman visualizes the locations and demographics of charter schools in Austin, Texas. Click through the story points to view school locations and specific information about each school.

Tracking West Africa's Ebola Outbreak

Ramon Martinez of Health Intelligence tracks the outbreak of the ebola virus in West Africa. Use the date slider in the top right to track the virus over time.

The Most and Least Meaningful Jobs

Want to find the perfect job? This viz by PayScale, Inc takes a look at the most and least meaningful jobs, broken down by experience level, typical education and job type.

2014 OSU Football

Russ Lyman of InterWorks visualizes the upcoming Oklahoma State University football season, as well as OSU's past performance and legendary players. Click on the screenshot to explore the viz!

The World's Most Powerful Militaries

SumyNews has created a detailed illustration of the size and composition of militaries around the world. Hover over the icons to see how the countries compare on the basis of military resources.

Job Growth 2000-2013 in the Puget Sound

Andrew Cheung takes a look at the job growth in the Puget Sound area (near Seattle, WA) from 2000 to 2013. Click through the story points to see the breakdown of jobs by industry.

Where Students in the US were enrolled, 2012

Jon Boeckenstedt of Higher Ed Data Stories takes a look at where U.S. students enroll for college and finds some interesting insights about California. Check out all of his story points by clicking the image below to see the original post.

Urbanization of China

Mark Jackson explores the projected urbanization of China. Click through the story points to see more details about how this urbanization could impact the residents of China.

San Diego Comic-Con 2014

Kuang Keng Kuek Ser visualizes the attendance of this past weekend's San Diego Comic-Con 2014. Click through the story points to see the change in attendance and ticket price over time.

Accidents in France

Jonathan Trajkovic wins the third and final Iron Viz contest for 2014! Click through the story points to see this amazing story of traffic in France.

Gazprom's Grip: Russia's Leverage Over Europe

Li Luo of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty illustrates Russia's supply and pricing of natural gas to Europe. Click through the story points to see which countries are Russia's biggest customers.

The Story of the 2014 World Cup

Carlos Flores gives us a thorough look at the story of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Click through the story points to see how everything went down in Brazil.

The Story of the Second Punic War

Joshua Milligan of Viz Painter tells the story of Hannibal Barca's invasion of the Roman Republic in 218 BC. Follow the story points to learn about Hannibal's unlikely victories over the Romans as well his eventual defeat and it's cause.

Evolution 2014 Viewers

Brian Bickell of InterWorks visualizes the number of viewers of the Twitch Evolution 2014 stream during the final day of the tournament. Click through the story points to see how the viewership changed according to the different games.

ESL Students in Majority at Some Vancouver Schools

Chad Skelton of the Vancouver Sun illustrates how the proportion of ESL, special needs, and gifted students vary across BC schools. Click on the story points to compare the big picture with the school of your choice.

Rhino Poaching in South Africa

Laura Grant of the Mail & Guardian outlines the rise of rhino poaching in South Africa. Click through the story points to see where and when poaching has been concentrated.

Case for a New Minimum Wage

Peter Gilks created this story using the new Storypoints feature in Tableau Public 8.2 to make a case for a new type of minimum wage. Click the image below to open up the interactive viz.

Breakdown of TV Commercials

Harley Ellenberger of Kantar Media takes a look at the breakdown of TV commercials in the U.S. House, U.S. Senate and Governor races so far this year. Explore the story points to see more specific details about these commercials.

Jupiter's Moon Callisto

Jeffrey A. Shaffer of data + science tells the story of Jupiter's moons. Click on the story points to journey "Out of This World" and explore the details of the largest planet's entourage.

World Cup Hashtag War

Andy Cotgreave has been tracking all sponsor hashtag mentions during #2014WorldCup. Click through the story points to see which brands are leading the pack.

The History of Transportation Recalls

Ian Weiner illustrates the last half century of transportation recalls in this highly detailed visualization. Click on the story points to see how recalls have been distributed throughout the years.