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December 19th

Alexander Mou published on Vizible Difference

Alexander Mou of Vizible Difference visualizes the historical winners of the Turing Award - computer science's most prestigious award. Click on the photos of the winners to learn more about them.

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More Great Vizzes

College Football Playoffs

Branden Fulton takes a look at the 2014 college football playoff bracket. Use the filters to weight the importance of each factor for a team winning the playoffs.

Thierry Henry and the MLS

In honor of Thierry Henry's retirement from soccer, Steve Fenn from Stat Hunting gives us a series on his career in the MLS. Use the controls in the top right to choose what you want to visualize.

Top Three Formula 1 Drivers 2012-2014

Pankil Shah of Slalom Consulting visualizes the performance of the top three Formula 1 drivers for the 2012-2014 seasons. Click on the country flags to view individual race results.

Airbnb Prices in Boston?

Hamel Husain and colleagues look at the factors contributing to the variation in Airbnb housing prices in Boston. Click on the image to view the viz and explore each of the four tabs to see different views of the data.

ESPN Franchise Rankings

Carlos Flores visualizes the annual ESPN Franchise Rankings report. Click on the screenshot to go to the viz, and filter by year or by sport to explore this large and rich dataset.

FIFA World Rankings Compendium

Mac Bryla of EyeSeeData created a comprehensive compendium of world rankings for all FIFA teams from 1992 to 2014. Click on the screen shot to view the viz and then select a team from the 'Highlight Team' menu to see its ranking through time.

Municipal Restrictions for Recreational Marijuana

Recreational marijuana may be legal in the state of Washington, but many city and county governments in the state have put their own restrictions on it. Josh Mahar helps untangle the multiple layers of laws with this visualization for the Municipal Research Services Center. Use the ...

The Smartphone Breakdown

Sarah Lewin of IEEE's Spectrum takes a look at how smartphone manufacturers must make trade-offs with various components of modern day smartphones. Click on a component to see the percent of total cost, broken down by the type of phone.

The Solar System

Merlijn Buit looks at the orbits of all the planets in the solar system. Click through the 'animated days' tab to view the orbits over time - and remember to watch the animated YouTube video to see all orbits set to music! (link at the bottom of the viz).

The Success of UConn's Men's Basketball Team

Slalom's Chamberlain Kerr - in her very first Tableau Public viz - shows the success of the Uconn Men's Basketball team. Filter by coach or by season to drill down into the data.

Explore Christmas Tree Varieties

Brittany Fong of BFong Data put together this viz to help you pick out a Christmas tree. Learn about the different varieties of trees available by clicking on the icons.

Lufthansa Strike

With German airline Lufthansa currently on strike, Craig Bloodworth of the Information Lab takes a look at how air travel in Germany has been affected. Use the dropdown menu to choose to view only Lufthansa flights or all airlines.

Road Accidents In India

Divya Bharathi looks at the number and causes of road accidents in India. Click on the image to view the viz and follow the story points to explore the data.

Merry Vizmas

The Tableau Public team has rounded up our favorite Vizzes of the Day from 2014. Check back as we will reveal one more ornament (viz) each day!

Any Given Sunday

Michael Cisneros, of Evince Analytics, visualizes America's four major sports leagues, finding similarities and differences between their structures.

History of Thanksgiving Football

Football is an important part of many families' Thanksgiving Day traditions. Curtis Harris takes a look at outcomes for all the Thanksgiving Day football games.

Seasonal Trends in US Car Accidents

Andy Cotgreave from Gravy Anecdote looks at seasonal trends in car accidents in the US. This viz is also the basis of a set of blog posts on exploring aspects design in Tableau. Click on the image to view the viz. #TableauDesignMonth

Global Peace Index 2014

Sai Manikanta explores the global peace index values by country, from 2009 to 2014. Click on the image to use the year filter to see peace levels change globally.

Cash Crop Makeover

Matteo Borriero celebrates #TableauDesignMonth by doing a #VizMakeover on What is the World's Biggest Cash Crop? Click through the storypoints to see Matteo's unique take on this data.

What Is Morally Acceptable Around The World

George Gorczynski from Tableau Picasso looks at the differences in global attitudes towards various moral issues. Use the filters to drill down on different countries and see what actions people find morally unacceptable.

US College Tuition Increases

Jon Boeckenstedt looks at the changes in college tuition over the last decade in four different ways on his Higher Ed Data Stories blog. Click the image below to view the original post and see all the different ways to tell the story of the increasing cost of education.

2014 Technology's Fastest Growing 500 in Northern America

The Deloitte Technology Fast 500 looks at the 500 fastest growth technology companies in United States and Canada. Click the images to filter down to that industry and see which companies are transforming the way we do business.

How Do Schools Compare?

Mike Crow and Kim Cataldo of Crow Insight examine how different schools in Montgomery County will deal with both demographic changes and enrolment increases over the next decade. Find your school in the drop-down menus to interact with the data.

Global Malnutrition Statistics

Nilam Prasai of the International Food Policy Research Institute visualizes which regions of the world suffer from chronic malnutrition. Filter the visualization by region or by malnutrition metric to interact with the data.

MOPAC 7 Crime Reduction Performance in London

To illustrate their performance, the Mayor of London Office for Policing and Crime compares crime trends in London boroughs with their reduction goals. Click the screenshot to view the viz, then click on a borough to view its crime volume rankings.

Public Transit Usage and Density

John Keltz takes a look at the correlation between population and public transit usage in cities across the United States. Check out his blog post for even more vizzes on the topic.

Volvo Ocean Race

Andrew Pick from The Information Lab visualizes the Volvo Ocean Race. Click on the image to view the viz and scroll through each step of the race to see who was leading.

Housing Recovery Watch

John Schoen of CNBC takes a look at the U.S. housing recovery since January 2011. Click the image to see both how your metro area is recovering and how it compares to other U.S. metro areas.

Fantasy Football Roster Analysis

Curt Harris uses Tableau to visually let you analyze your fantasy football roster decisions. Use the filters to sort by different roster positions and see which players are under/over valued.

2014 Sumy Region Parliamentary Elections

SumyNews summarises election results for parties in the Sumy region of Ukraine. Hover over the city areas to find information on each party's results.

Mapping Mountain Biking

Martijin Verstrepen combined data from his GPS tracker and video from a new action camera he just got to create this visualization of a recent bike ride. Click on any point on the map and the video will jump to where he was during that point of the ride.

Mapping the 1854 Cholera Outbreak

Panoptical uses Tableau to re-visit John Snow's classic mapping of the 1854 Cholera outbreak in London. Click on the image to view the viz and experience the breakthrough use of public health data to save lives.

Best Fantasy Football Factories

Tableau Public's Dash Davidson visualizes what colleges and NCAA conferences your best fantasy football players came from. Find your school and see where it stacks up!

Cinematic Serial Killers

Mild Concern uses Tableau to create a Halloween-themed viz comparing different cinematic serial killers. Use the filters and explore the different panes to interact with the spooky data.

Twitter Analysis of the Scottish Independence Referendum

Our very own Sophie Sparkes put together this Twitter analysis of the Scottish Independence Referendum. Click on the screenshot to view the viz, then click the buttons to view details alongside the temporal tweet volume trend on polling day.

Dueling Measures of Poverty

Jake Grovum created this viz for Stateline exploring poverty in the United States. Click through the story points to see how different government programs affect poverty rates.

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