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October 1st

Steve Fenn published on Stat Hunting

Steve Fenn of Stat Hunting visualizes Major League Soccer salary spending. Switch the parameters on the top of the viz and hover over the bar charts to explore player salary distributions.

Steve Fenn analyzes MLS salary data.

More Great Vizzes

Technology on the PGA Tour

Chris Jones takes a look in how advancements in equipment have had an impact on the distance of drives in the PGA. Flip through the story points to see what had the most impact.

Life expectancy by country - the impact of war and other disasters

Nelson Davis of The Vizioneer blog looks at life expectancy by country and highlights the impact war and other disasters have. Click on the screenshot to view the viz. Filter by country and step through the story points for more information on some of the worst impacted countries.

Pensions in Peril

John Schoen of CNBC illustrates how many states aren't contributing enough funds to ensure that they will be able to meet future pension promises. Hover over a mark in the scatterplot to see details for a particular state.

World perceptions of Governments and corporations

The Data Visualization Team at CNBC look at the public attitudes towards Governments and corporations around the globe. Click on the screenshot to view the viz. You can drill down by selecting a country then choose the respondent and institution type you want to see.

A Storyboard of the Scottish Referendum

Siraj Alimohamed of Thorogood Associates tells the story of the recent Scottish Referendum for independence. Click through the different tabs to discover the full story of this momentous event.

The Adoption Gap

Steven Carter of Monday Morning Viz shows the estimated number of orphans in each of 40 countries, and what percent of U.S. households would need to adopt a child to take care of the problem. Hover over a country shape and see the proportion represented by filled-in home shapes.

Italy leading the EU in high quality food

Luke Tremolada (with data viz by Andrea Gianotti) look at Italy's rankings in the EU food produce awards by the PDO, PGI and TSG. Click on the screenshot to view the viz, step through the story points to learn about Italy's producers and awards, drill down using filters (in ...

NFL Combine from 1999-2013

Matt Chambers takes a look at the performance of players at the NFL Combine from 1999-2013. Check out the speed to size ratio to see who are the biggest AND fastest players.

How much cash $ does a freshman generate?

Jon Boeckenstadt of Higher Ed Data Stories shows the cash-flow for University's for each freshman they admit, highlighting the economics of higher education. Use the filters on the right to interact with the data.

Interactive: Water testing results in Toronto

Matthew Cole of The Star shows the water lead content testing results by post code in Toronto. Click on the screenshot to view the viz, then filter down to the first three digits of any post code to see the water lead content of all post codes within that group.

Foreign Fighters In Iraq And Syria

The CIA estimates that ISIS militants number somewhere between 20,000 and 31,500. They also estimate that half of those fighters are foreigners. Radio Free Europe created this map of where these foreign militants come from.

The Militarization of the US Police

George Gorczynski shows the degree to which each U.S. state has participated in the 1033 Program, in which military equipment is transferred to local American law enforcement agencies. Click on a state to see how much money has been spent on this equipment by county. Use the tabs at ...

Why campaigns should advertise during NFL games

During an interview with The Washington Post, David Seawright of Deep Root Analytics suggests that high scoring games may be worth spending political advertising dollars on. Click on the screenshot to view the viz.

Arka Vizzin' Quest

A Viz of the Day bonus for everyone travelling to #DATA14 in Seattle this weekend. The Arkatechture crew is chronicling their cross-country trek from Maine to the Pacific Northwest for the annual Tableau Conference and mapping metrics like gas prices, speed and temperature along the ...

Can the Seahawks buck the trend?

Garland Potts of the Seattle Times looks at the tall task facing the Seahawks as they begin their Super Bowl defense. Click the screenshot to explore the viz and see the analysis of previous Super Bowl winners.

Premier League Summer Spending

Andy Kriebel of VizWiz analyzes spending by Premier League clubs. They spent a record amount on transfers this past summer.

Cricket Beehive Analysis

Parag Laturkar of Symvyze Analytics provides a visual summary of each run scored in the World T20 Final cricket match in which Sri Lanka defeated India by 6 wickets. Click the name of a Batsman and a Bowler to see a "beehive chart" of each match-up, and click the color legend to ...

Languages Spoken in Canada

Radio-Canada takes a look at what languages are spoken in their country and where each language is most widely spoken. Click on a province to see the distribution of languages spoken in that particular province.

Crimes in Hartford, CT

Stephen Busemeyer of The Courant visualizes the locations of different types of crimes in Hartford, CT. Click on the screenshot to explore the viz and filter the view.

Sport Trends in the US

Steve Fenn explores the regionality of Google searches for various sports. Use the drop down menu in the top left to select a sport to view.

Will it Rain in Seattle?

Peter Gilks of Paint by Numbers shows just how rainy Seattle is compared with a random selection of cities from around the world. Use the quick filters to narrow your comparison by country or month, and hover over each city's cloud to filter the timeline.

Chikungunya Virus Outbreak

Ramon Martinez of Health Intelligence takes a look at the Chikungunya virus outbreak in the Americas in 2014. Explore the confirmed and suspected cases of Chikungunya, broken down by country.

Fare Evasion in NYC

Sarah Ryley of the New York Daily News takes a look at summonses and arrests due to fare evasion in NYC. Explore the second viz to see the most frequently charged offenses in comparison to fare evasion.

The Belarusian Harvest Compared

Антон Девятов and Вадим Шмыгов of TUT.BY illustrate the Belarusian grain harvest in comparison with harvests from around the world. Click the tabs at the top to view geographic and time trend data for these harvests.

Getting away with murder

Phillip Reese of The Sacramento Bee examines the low clearance rate of murder cases in California. He attributes the low clearance rates to gang culture, budget cuts in police departments, and some agencies just generally performing better than others.

Alabama Coach Nick Saban's Pay

Andy Kriebel of VizWiz and Facebook takes a look at University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban's pay compared to other SEC coaches, coaches from other conferences, and even from other sports in this Story Points viz.

Internet Development in China

Michelle Xiao of iClick Interactive takes a look at the internet development in China. Click through the story points to see the breakdown of the internet usage by gender, employment status and location.

Indian Independence Day

In honor of Indian Independence Day today, Farid Jalal of BRIDGEi2i visualizes Indian citizens who have led inspirational lives. Explore the viz to see those individuals who have received the highest honors in India.

Changes in the Peruvian Congress

Ángel Hugo Pilares of El Comercio details changes in Peru's Congress from 2011 to 2014. Click on the year icons to see how the composition of this legislative body has changed.

10 Diseases Deadlier than Ebola

Current numbers from the World Health Organization put the total death toll of the recent Ebola outbreak at 932 people. El Confidencial produced this visualization to remind us that while the ebola outbreak is very serious, there are more deadly diseases that we should not ignore. ...

Milwaukee Brewers Playoff Odds

Matt Montgomery of the Journal Sentinel explores the Milwaukee Brewers' chance of making the playoffs in 2014. Hover over a team to see various stats and number of projected wins.

Chicago Public Schools

For the 2014 Data Science Challenge, Byung (Billy) Lee takes a look at the performance of Chicago Public Schools in 2013-2014. Use the filters to see each school's performance across several metrics. Click the screenshot to explore the viz.

Employment in Spain

El Confidencial visualizes the employment levels in Spain for each municipality. Click through the story points to see how employment has changed since June of 2008.

Austin Texas Charter School Growth

Christian McDonald of the Austin American-Statesman visualizes the locations and demographics of charter schools in Austin, Texas. Click through the story points to view school locations and specific information about each school.

Tracking West Africa's Ebola Outbreak

Ramon Martinez of Health Intelligence tracks the outbreak of the ebola virus in West Africa. Use the date slider in the top right to track the virus over time.

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