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1000+ companies chose Tableau Online
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See the Latest Gartner
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Visual Analytics for Everyone

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Democratizing Data at the Largest E-Commerce Website

Talk about big data: every 3 days, eBay collects the equivalent of the Library of Congress. Impressive -- but not if employees can't use it.

As a Senior Manager of the Analytics Platform said, "End users were asking for a lot more than just another report. They wanted a democracy for data. That's where Tableau started kicking in."

"The exciting part was just the uptake. It was easy for someone to get online, and they could start learning right away. Anyone at eBay who wants to get a license can go do that." 26,000 people later, they're doing just that. More about eBay

Analytics reports
Reduction in dashboard
production time

Cornell University:
10 Times the Analytics in Half the Time

A traditional business intelligence project to track key performance indicators (KPIs) wasn't close to done after 9 months. What to do? If you're Cornell, you find a faster way.

Today, thousands use Tableau to track KPIs and analyze all kinds of data. From dissecting the student pool to managing contributor relations, Cornell is working faster than they thought possible.

"We produce ten times the analysis in half the time, with half the staff," said Cindy Sedlacek, Director of Data Administration for the College of Arts and Sciences. "Adoption of Tableau for our business needs has gone beyond our expectations." More about Cornell

months to
full deployment
gigabytes of compressed
data in Tableau

Irish Life:
Production-Strength Dashboards in <2 Months

Irish Life wanted to end what Paul Egan, IT manager at the life assurance company, called "Monday morning madness." The rush to email spreadsheets and reports with little analysis wasn't cutting it.

They had big ambitions to put data in the hands of business. C-level management wanted analytical dashboards that were compelling, easy to build and easy to use. "So, not a lot to ask for," joked Egan.

Enter Tableau against a host of competitors. "Tableau was easiest by a considerable distance." Business users could do a lot themselves, "coming to us with the symphony written." In 2 months, they were live. "It was astonishingly fast," said Egan. More about Irish Life

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